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Your Easter brunch with Zeeland Salt

Easter is the perfect time for a cozy brunch with the family. Here you can read what are our favorite dishes to put on the table. It is a combination of savory and sweet, so there is something tasty for everyone. What makes the dishes extra delicious? Zeeuwsche Zoute of course!

Eggs Benedict with Sea Salty Samphire

A true classic for brunch. You top this sandwich with ham and poached eggs. Make a nice hollandaise sauce with it and top it off with Zeeland Salt Samphire. The secret to a good poached egg is to use brand new eggs. The hollandaise sauce is best made by continuing to whisk well, this way there will be no lumps.

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Zeeland Salt Calimero’s

For children, it is also fun to be busy with eggs. Instead of painting the shell, you can make cute little chicks from boiled eggs. Cut off the top of the egg, this will be the hat. With a filling of egg yolk, mustard, mayonnaise, Zeeland Salt Pure and chives, make a yellow face. Then use carrot to make feet and a nose. Black sesame seeds are the perfect eye candy!

Photo of Calimero eggs | stuffed eggs recipe for Easter 2021

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Blinis with salmon with Sea Salt Samphire

Salmon is an ingredient that definitely belongs on an Easter table. Our favorite for salmon appetizers are these blinis. It looks nice and it’s super tasty. You make beautiful salmon florets by cutting the slice of salmon into strips, rolling them up and then turning them inside out. The finisher of this dish is a pinch of Sea Salt Samphire.

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Easter bread with Sea Salt Pure

Over to the sweet dishes! A real Easter bread certainly cannot be missing during your brunch. After you make the dough and let it rise, you can bake the dough like this. Extra fun is to make the effort to braid the bread. Looks just a little nicer, well just as tasty of course.

Easter Bread Sea Salt

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French toast bruschettas with red fruit

A surprising combination, but oh so delicious. You make the French toast bruschettas by dipping French bread in egg-milk mixture and cooking it in a pan. The topping of the French toast is first a mixture of whipped cream, mascarpone, Zeeuwsche Zoute Puur and sugar. Then top with a fruit salad of strawberry, raspberry and basil. Finish with a little syrup.

Photo credit: Tatyana Consaul

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Zeeland Bolus with Zeeland Salt

As a Definitely Zeeland producer, a truly Zeeland recipe cannot be missing from this list. The last sweet recipe we share here is a Zeeland Bolus. This is a sugared roll which is also called a Jikkemien or a Turd. Did you know that every Zeeland island makes the Bolussen just a little differently? Read our variation here.

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Zeeuwsche Zoute wishes you a very happy Easter!

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