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Christian can be found abroad a lot for his work and that’s where the idea was born: “I saw similar initiatives around sea salt in Wales, Norway and the United States. I was thinking: why isn’t there actually Zeeland or Dutch sea salt? In the summer of 2018, on weekends at my parents’ house, I went to the dike with a jerry can and used that water to make salt.”

Producing salt was pleasing and the next step was to open a saltworks in a shed in Bruinisse. Christian: “Now we produce around 800 kilos of salt per month and have several (star) restaurants as customers including RIJKS ® in Amsterdam, but also local restaurants such as Bru 17 in Bruinisse.” Meanwhile, the team is growing and we have a number of people working on the production and branding of Zeeuwsche Zoute. We are also constantly trying out new flavor combinations and looking at ways to further expand our product offerings.

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Definitely Zeeland® Regional Producer 2022

October 6, 2022 was the announcement of the winner of Regional Producer of the Year 2022. By a large majority vote, we may call ourselves Regional Producer of the Year 2022. Of course, we are very proud of this!

Definitely Zeeland® Regional Product

Since March 2020, Zeeuwsche Zoute has been awarded the Zeker Zeeuws® Streekproduct label. An independently recognized regional hallmark that guarantees that a product is truly Zeeland and produced in a sustainable manner.

AudienceWinner during Zeeland PioneersPrize 2021

In March 2021, we were told that we were nominated for the Zeeland Pioneers Prize 2021. In addition to being awarded annually by a jury to a pioneering Zeeland company that best put Zeeland on the map, the public could also vote for their favorite. This vote was conducted via
Omroep Zeeland
and Zeeuwsche Zoute was the public’s favorite with 40% of the votes. Read more about it in this article.

Best novelty of 2021 at the Trade Fair Food Specialties

During a successful first exhibition day at the Foodspecialties Trade Fair in Expo Houten, Zeeuwsche Zoute was chosen by an expert jury as the Best Novelty of 2021; Zeeuwsche Zoute. There is nothing as natural as salt from the Eastern Scheldt. And yet it was banned until 1998. Since then, it took 20 years for Zeeland salt to be made again. This award celebrates this fine Dutch product.

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