Organic and sustainable Sea Salt

Organic products are important for a sustainable future and for our planet. Fortunately, you find them more and more often: in the supermarket, in restaurants and in various products. So it is very important to consider sustainability and pure ingredients even in the smallest details. Therefore, choose quality sea salt instead of regular table salt and even better: choose Zeeuwsche Zoute. Zeeuwsche Zoute is a smart choice for sustainable and organic products and for in organic stores.

But then why doesn’t Zeeuwsche Zoute have an organic label yet? Simply because salt cannot currently be certified organic. At the European level, however, work is underway on the possibility of certifying salt as an organic product. Our salt is already being made very sustainably, though.

By the way, did you know that there is a big difference between sea salt and vacuum salt or table salt? Both types consist of sodium and chloride, but the way they are extracted is completely different. Zeeuwsche Zoute is extracted by evaporating natural Eastern Scheldt water using green electricity. Moreover, we have no residuals, as even our demineralized seawater is used by local window cleaners. Nice and sustainable right?

Our salt is sought after because it is harvested by hand in a modern, yet artisanal way by our salt makers. We make pure salt from the pure water of the Eastern Scheldt, without chemicals as with table salt. And there is no anti-caking agent in it, so no e-numbers on the package! This makes our salt future-proof, especially as more and more consumers want products without additives. Calcium is also extracted by hand from our salt, which combined with the unique minerals from the Eastern Scheldt creates that deliciously full and distinctively salty taste.

Are you a producer of an (organic) product or have an organic store and want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Then you have to make sure you have tasty tasty products! Zeeuwsche Zoute is a great addition for that. In dishes where coarse grains are needed, you can really taste the difference between sea salt and vacuum salt. Zeeland Salt is crunchy and nice and crunchy, providing a unique taste experience in your mouth. Star chefs at home and abroad use our salt. Top pastry chefs also use Zeeland salt as a 100% natural addition when making their products. And when it comes to the size of the grain, you don’t have to worry with Zeeuwsche Zoute. We have the right texture for every application, whether you need coarse or fine grains. Whether you’re making chocolate, butter or chips, we’ll make sure you have the perfect salt.

Zeeuwsche Zoute has many benefits that will make you happy! Low CO2 impact. Check. Incomparable taste? Check. Minerals? Check. Unmatched taste? Check. When you sell organic products, you not only want something healthy for yourself, but also something that is good for the planet. Zeeuwsche Zoute is simply the best choice for sustainable and organic producers and organic stores.

Want more information or still have questions? If so, please email info@zeeuwschezoute.nl.