Friday 26 January 2024

The perfect variety for every dish

For true fans, it’s no surprise. In addition to Zeeuwsche Zoute Puur, the variety that started it all, we have several other flavors. In this blog, we will tell you more about these flavors and tell you which dishes you take to the next level with a particular variant.

Zeeland Salt Pure

While you may think you’re already familiar with the taste of sea salt, Zeeuwsche Zoute Puur will surprise you with the intense salty taste of the Eastern Scheldt that you won’t find anywhere else. The salt is naturally purified in the Eastern Scheldt and carefully evaporated to form large pure salt crystals. Calcium is also removed during production, making the salt taste less bitter. This salt goes perfectly with all dishes that need a salty touch.

For example, flavor your venison stew or short salty bread with Zeeuwsche Zoute Puur.

© Alexander Sporre

Zeeland Salt Samphire

We soon added more flavors to our range. Zeeuwsche Zoute Zeekraal is ideal for dishes where an extra salty taste is desired. The samphire used comes from Zeeuws Zilt, which grows this plant on salt marshes in Zeeland. It is the perfect complement to fish dishes and can also give vegetables a wonderful salty flavor.

Zeeland Salt Samphire goes perfectly with blinis with salmon and grilled cauliflower.

© Jan-Kees de Meester

Sea Salt Wakame

The next variation, Zeeland Salt Wakame, is a combination of salt and seaweed from the Eastern Scheldt. The seaweed is extracted by The Zeeland Seaweed Trade. This versatile flavor suits not only sushi and fish dishes, but surprisingly also meat and vegetable dishes.

Planning to make mushroom risotto or steak with chimichurri? Add Sea Salt Wakame!

Wakame © iStock - Jonathan Austin Daniels

© iStock / Jonathan Austin Daniels

Zeeland Salt Smoked

If you like smoked flavors, there’s good news! The smoked variety of Zeeland Salt adds that distinctive smoky flavor to any dish. This salt is smoked the traditional Zeeland way with a mix of birch and oak. The slightly moister salt allows for better absorption of the smoke and smoky flavor. It is perfect for adding a unique twist to your dishes.

Add Zeeland Salt Smoked to your cheese fondue and enjoy the delicious smoke flavor. Mackerel also becomes extra tasty with this variation.

© Zeeland Salt

Zeeland Salt Black Garlic

The latest variant combines pure salt with fermented black garlic. This garlic gets its rich black color from a carefully controlled fermentation process. Zeeland Salt Black Garlic adds a mild salty flavor with a hint of sweetness, which is perfect for a variety of dishes, including chicken, plate pie, meat and salads. In addition to flavor, it also brings a wonderful aroma to your dishes.

Make white bean stew and quinoa salad extra tasty with Zeeland Salt Black Garlic.

© Zeeland Salt

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We are always looking for new flavors and currently a new variant is in development. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to be the first to know!

Want even more inspiration? On our blog you will find many more tasty recipes using Zeeland Salt.

Credit header: © Zeeland Salt