Wednesday 21 February 2024

What top chefs say about Zeeuwsche Zoute

In the kitchens of prominent chefs such as Roy Eijkelkamp, Danyel van den Bongard and Job van Berkel, Zeeuwsche Zoute has become indispensable. Our salt, with its unique quality and flavor profile, has found its way into the culinary world and is used by more and more chefs. In the videos below, they explain why they appreciate Zeeuwsche Zoute so much.

Roy Eijkelkamp – The Bokkedoorns**

Roy Eijkelkamp, the chef at renowned restaurant De Bokkedoorns in Overveen, is known for his commitment to quality. With two Michelin stars under his belt, he is an authority in Dutch gastronomy. For Roy, Zeelandic Salt is an indispensable ingredient in his cooking because of its outstanding quality. In addition, he finds it special that such a beautiful product is produced in Zeeland.

In the video below, Roy Eijkelkamp talks more about it:

Check here if the video does not load: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVWbrhEpbfU

Danyel van den Bongard – Danyel Maastricht

Danyel van den Bongard is the owner of restaurant Danyel in Maastricht and shares his passion for cooking and his appreciation for Zeeuwsche Zoute in the video below. In his kitchen, where French cuisine predominates, he uses this salt as an essential part of his dishes. He highlights the unique “crispness” of the salt, which makes an undeniable contribution to the taste experience of his culinary creations.

Watch the video below:

Check here if the video does not load: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PicfUu5r558

Job van Berkel – Tout Patisserie

At Tout Patisserie in Amsterdam, headed by Job van Berkel, Zeeuwsche Zoute is used as a secret flavoring. As a pastry chef, Job strives for recognizable flavors and unique combinations in his creations. Not only does the salt add a distinctive flavor, but the sustainable aspect through and local production and various flavor variations really appeal to Job van Berkel.

Watch the video for Job van Berkel’s detailed response:

Check here if the video does not load: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2Xobi9KIHY

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