Wednesday 6 March 2024

Tuna melt sandwich with Sea Salt Smoked

Sandwiches are super tasty and easy to make. This recipe is a perfect combination of our Dutch heart through the cheese and our Zeeland roots through the addition of our smoked sea salt. This sandwich is extra delicious with fresh bread from the bakery. For example, go for a sourdough!






10 minutes


First, make tuna salad by mixing the tuna with capers, chives, Sea Salt Smoked, Sea Salt Black Pepper, spring onion and mayonnaise.

Then put down a slice of bread and put tuna salad on it. Top this with a slice of the well-melted cheese and finish with another slice of bread. Grease the top and bottom with buttercream.

Heat a pan and put the sandwich in it. Turn frequently so that it does not burn. The tuna melt sandwich is ready when the cheese is melted.

Cut the sandwich in half and enjoy! Possibly delicious with a little ketchup added.

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Photo credit: iStock – LauriPatterson